1. Devil x Nine

  2. El Duce Tapes (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    Jonathan Snipes

  3. The House of Shadows

  4. Odds On Evil

  5. Moon-White Water

  6. Exodus/Solare
    Baldocaster/Traveler CS

  7. Silent Night, Deadly Night - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Perry Botkin

  8. 12 Hour Shift - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Matt Glass

  9. Beyond the Mirror's Image
    Dream Division

  10. The Lodgers
    Stephen Shannon, Kevin Murphy and David Turpin

  11. Dorothys Fortress - Theme From Phase IV
    Dorothys Fortress

  12. Embrace
    Gyan Rosling

  13. Yokai
    Deadly Avenger and Si Begg

  14. Rain in Europe
    Hunter Complex

  15. Dead Calm and Zero Degrees
    Hunter Complex

  16. Harglow

  17. Darkly Dreaming
    Rory Mohon

  18. Satanic Panic - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Wolfmen of Mars

  19. Repeated Viewing and Timothy Fife Explore Paranormal Sounds of the Synthesizer
    Repeated Viewing & Timothy Fife

  20. Candy Corn - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Josh Hasty and Michael Brooker

  21. EIV
    Dallas Campbell

  22. Tales of Halloween - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Various artists

  23. Eyes Down
    Mr Eff

  24. The Art of Sleeping Alone
    Oh Baby

  25. Evening
    Galactic Protector

  26. Imitation Girl - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Kevin Hufnagel and Natasha Kermani

  27. Revenant

  28. Dry Blood Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    System Syn

  29. Soeurs De Glisse - Original motion picture soundtrack
    Daniel Davies

  30. Your God Is Too Small
    Deadly Avenger

  31. When It All Gets To Be Too Much
    Cory Kilduff

  32. Alone In The Woods
    Alone In The Woods

  33. Dreams and Dread EP

  34. Self Zero
    Thomas Ragsdale

  35. PIECES Vol 3

  36. PIECES Vol 3.1 2.2.2
    Deadly Avenger

  37. PIECES Vol 3.2 Buried Teeth
    Graham Reznick

  38. PIECES Vol 2

  39. PIECES Vol 2.1 an uncanny milieu

  40. PIECES Vol 2.2 Orion 2079
    All of Them Witches

  41. PIECES Vol 1

  42. PIECES Vol 1.1 Faim, Folie, Crime
    Repeated Viewing

  43. PIECES Vol 1.2 The Infernal

  44. The Garden Of Unearthly Delights

  45. When Haro Met Sally

  46. R0B0PHAS1A
    Graham Reznick

  47. I Am Godzilla, You Are Japan
    Deadly Avenger

  48. Swim
    Phantoms vs Fire

  49. Villains of Romance
    Xander Harris

  50. Communion

  51. Hunters Moon
    All of Them Witches

  52. Isvisible Isinvisible
    Isvisible Isinvisible

  53. Brass Hearse
    Brass Hearse

  54. Silhouette

  55. Witches' Halloween Brew

  56. V

  57. Hex Void
    Deathcount In Silicon Valley

  58. The Coven
    All of Them Witches

  59. Blood Runs Dry

  60. One For The Pyre - Split EP (Free to download)


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